Facebook Study Says Global State of Small Business is Bleak. Is there a solution?

Small business growth has always been challenging, it's even tougher these past few months. The state of small business owners outside of the USA is often even bleaker as most developing countries can't offer the support for their smallest companies that we have in the USA or in most developed countries. The Future of Business...

management business

School of Rock CEO Rob Price Shares How They Quickly Pivoted

You’ve probably heard of the School of Rock in some form — the movie, the broadway show, or the franchises all around the globe. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a quick education: The School of Rock has 270 schools around the world where kids earn music in a non-traditional way. Basically, they learn music through...

non profit

Non-Profits Should Take Advantage of Free Help From Tech Companies

Non-profits always get discounted or free help. However, in these VERY challenging times, non-profits might snag some extra special deals from companies, especially if they're mission is related to helping during the Covid19 shelter in place circumstances. There's a lot of companies helping non-profits, one is Zoho who is focused on not only giving their...

Visa Grant

Funding Beyond PPP – Visa Grant Helps Female Founders

There's so much media coverage on PPP and other government funding, however, remember there's many grants (not loans) available to smaller businesses as well such as a Visa grant. Visa and iFundWomen recently awarded $10,000, each, to four women. To help small business owners – particularly female entrepreneurs who already face funding challenges – Visa and...

money for small businesses

#Paytoday Coalition – $900 Billion For Struggling Business Owners

Small business owners are experiencing unparalleled losses as the U.S. implements a variety of measures to combat the Coronavirus. 90% of small business owners report major challenges already and that figure is up from 60% just two weeks ago. And 37% of small business owners have less than one month of cash on hand...

Virtual Assistant

Covid19 Business Resource Center Launches

The Covid19 Business Resource Center launches. Developed by HelloAlice the resource center is a curated index of the best resources for small business owners. Ramon Ray, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at HelloAlice previewed it live on FB. The center contains 10 key categories of information, which include: Emergency Grant - HelloAlice is providing up to $10,000 in grants to...

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