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Jay Steinfield - Founder Jay Steinfeld Shares His Tips for Your Success

Jay Steinfeld, the founder and CEO of, spoke with Ramon Ray, founder of on the power of diversity and how he led to be so successful. He started his billion-dollar brand working with his wife and selling blinds out of the back of a trunk!  Check out the podcast and Check...


Waffle House Exec Shares Why Mentorship Is Essential for Successful Leaders

Bert Thornton has spent 40 years leading the growth of Waffle House, as its former President and COO.  Mentorship has been an important part of his success. When Bert started there were a handful of Waffle Houses, when he retired, they had thousands. Bert's passion is developing future leaders through mentorship. His new book, High...

Sara Bendrick

Without Scalable Systems Sara Bendrick’s Landscaping Business Was In Trouble

Sara Bendrick is a designer, licensed contractor & T.V. Host for the DIY Network.  She has a bachelors in landscape architecture from Cal Poly SLO and when not filming ‘I Hate my Yard’ or her new series “Lawn & Order’  she runs a Landscape design/build company, ‘Sarita Landscape Design’. Her landscaping business was doing 'ok'....

Fix Yourself to Fix Your Business

He Improved His Mindset To Improve His Business

Joseph Gillingham is a tree surgery, tree planting and tree removal, specialist.  He's the owner of Heritage Tree Care in Toronto, Canada, and won a $20,000 grant from Jobber . Jobber is software that helps service businesses with estimating, quoting, invoice and getting paid. In this discussion with Ramon Ray, small business expert and founder...

Meta Verse

The Metaverse and Your Business. What You Need To Know.

If you've noticed an increase in discussions about the Metaverse, you're not alone. In the end, we don't know if it will be the future of the internet, like AI or blockchain, or just another tech buzzword. In recent months, technology companies ranging from Facebook's parent company Meta to Microsoft have hailed this virtual world's potential...

Liza Borches, Carter Myers Automotive Group

The 100 Year Old Company. How Liza Borches Leads for the Future.

Liza Borches is president of Carter Myers Auto Group, based in Virginia.  As the leader of a successful automotive company that was established 97 years ago, Borches knows moving into the future requires careful planning, learning and vision. Entrepreneur and keynote speaker, Ramon Ray, founder of, recently interviewed Borches to tap into her extensive...

Get up when your down - Hannah Perry

How to Move Forward? Life Kicks You Down. Get Back Up. Hannah Perry’s Insights.

Hannah Perry, is the owner of the Giggling Pig Art and Party Studio, and she talks with Ramon about the ups and downs that come along with running your own business. She shares her tips for getting back up and moving forward when life kicks you down. See past episodes, Hannah's Journey, here. Smart Hustle Small...

why team building fails cover image

Why Your Company May Be Failing at Team Building

By Les Pardew, founder of Mystery Escape Room. Many businesses are struggling to find the best way to move forward as some employees return to the workplace while others will continue to work at home or a combination of both. A Gartner Inc. survey finds one-third of business leaders are most concerned with maintaining corporate...

How Leaders can be the Humble Alpha

Cultivate Greatness as a Humble Alpha Leader with Steven Kuhn

I had the opportunity to sit down with Steven Kuhn, decorated combat veteran and author of Unleash Your Humble Alpha. Along with fellow combat veteran Lane Belone, Kuhn’s mission is to help latent leaders conquer their obstacles. Develop an unshakable immunity to stress, and direct their full force to create greatness every day. Here are a...

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