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Liza Borches, Carter Myers Automotive Group

The 100 Year Old Company. How Liza Borches Leads for the Future.

Liza Borches is president of Carter Myers Auto Group, based in Virginia.  As the leader of a successful automotive company that was established 97 years ago, Borches knows moving into the future requires careful planning, learning and vision. Entrepreneur and keynote speaker, Ramon Ray, founder of, recently interviewed Borches to tap into her extensive...

Get up when your down - Hannah Perry

How to Move Forward? Life Kicks You Down. Get Back Up. Hannah Perry’s Insights.

Hannah Perry, is the owner of the Giggling Pig Art and Party Studio, and she talks with Ramon about the ups and downs that come along with running your own business. She shares her tips for getting back up and moving forward when life kicks you down. See past episodes, Hannah's Journey, here. Smart Hustle Small...

why team building fails cover image

Why Your Company May Be Failing at Team Building

By Les Pardew, founder of Mystery Escape Room. Many businesses are struggling to find the best way to move forward as some employees return to the workplace while others will continue to work at home or a combination of both. A Gartner Inc. survey finds one-third of business leaders are most concerned with maintaining corporate...

How Leaders can be the Humble Alpha

Cultivate Greatness as a Humble Alpha Leader with Steven Kuhn

I had the opportunity to sit down with Steven Kuhn, decorated combat veteran and author of Unleash Your Humble Alpha. Along with fellow combat veteran Lane Belone, Kuhn’s mission is to help latent leaders conquer their obstacles. Develop an unshakable immunity to stress, and direct their full force to create greatness every day. Here are a...

Tamra Andress

God and Business, Pricing and Podcasting – with Tamra Andresss

Ramon’s recent podcast interview featured the multifaceted Tamra Andress, a self-described “entrepreneur, purpose activator, brand and business designer, podcaster, illuminator, and your ‘business bestie’”. Andress has years of experience as a successful entrepreneur and after taking time away from her paid work to be with her children, she developed a sense of longing for...

Glenn Lundy - Breakfast with Champions

From Local Car Salesman To Global Motivational Personality – Glenn Lundy

Glenn Lundy is a former car salesman, who today, hosts one of the largest shows inspiring people to live better lives. If you haven’t heard of him yet, you soon might. Listen to our podcast here Smart Hustle Small Business Podcast · From Selling Cars to Motivating the World Glenn's a source of inspiration, and has developed dynamic,...

How to better communicate your business strategy

5 Small Steps to Better Communicate Your Business Strategy

Authored by John Courtney, Founder and Chief Executive of  Scaling up a business may involve changes in how senior management defines the strategic direction of the company, which, in turn, could affect operations, human resources, finances, and other processes. Although it is not always a drastic shift, business owners must be conscious about guiding...

Discovering what's next?

The Next Big Thing. How Can You Leverage the Future for Your Business?

As a small business owner, taking your startup to the next level involves many growth strategies. Whether it’s expansion or building your customer base, small business growth takes time, effort, and dedication.    But, let’s face it. Scaling your business is challenging.  Are you starting a business or at the stage where your business plans need a...

Team Pressure

Team Pressure – What is the Right Amount A Leader Should Give?

Contributor Shweta Jhajharia is a leading expert in the business consultancy industry. She's been recognized for her accomplishments with over 70 awards throughout her career and is with Growth Idea. Applying pressure to your team with hopes of speeding up success is a delicate balance. When you have the pressure of an overbearing superior demanding instant...

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