Covid19 Business Resource Center Launches

The Covid19 Business Resource Center launches. Developed by HelloAlice the resource center is a curated index of the best resources for small business owners. Ramon Ray, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at HelloAlice previewed it live on FB.

The center contains 10 key categories of information, which include:

Emergency Grant - HelloAlice is providing up to $10,000 in grants to small business owners, affected by the Coronavirus.

Financial aid, of a variety of sources, is also being offered to business owners. This assistance takes the forms of grants from private companies, aid from the government and assistance from non-profit organizations.

Beyond financial aid, being able to operate a remote team, the transition to selling online, and connecting with a community of business owners is also essential. The guide has these resources and more.

There's a lot of mental strain and anxiety that this pandemic has caused, the center also provides resources to help.

While we want as many businesses as possible to thrive and stay open, we know that some businesses will have to close or pause. If you need help doing this, the Covid19 Business Resource Center can help.

It's challenging to start and grow a business. It's  even more challenging when you're thrust into a situation that you didn't expect nor were prepared for.

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