Prepare for the Future Don't Just Look at the Now. Covid-19 Biz Tip

We're all going through a terrible terrible challenge at this time but we must prepare for the future. Be sure to not just look at the immediate things happening to us today. It's also  important to remember that one day this will be over. One day we will be in recovery and rebuilding mode. One day our customers will be back to spending "as usual" to one degree or another.

Use this time, after you take care of your family. To focus on your business.

Look at the Covid-19 resources we've compiled here.

I posted about the need to focus on the future, after we take care of our family, in a recent Facebook post.

Indeed you're going to have to make tough decisions on saving money in your family and your business, such as laying off staff. But you must prepare for the future.

However, while you're sitting at home, also consider a few things about your business.

  1. What systems and processes need to be improved. Maybe you didn't take the time to focus on them before, but now you can.
  2. What about your team. Do you have the right people. Have you wanted to make a hire and you couldn't afford to do it? Now might be a great time to get to know people and consider them for future hiring.
  3. What about your clients and customers. You have the time to reach out to each and every one of them and let them know you appreciate them and express how much you care for them and ask how you can GENUINELY help them.
  4. There's lots of money, grants and cheap loans going to be offered by the federal government and other organizations. This is the time to apply and get ready. Don't wait before it's too late.

Corona is going to be a terrible challenge for all of us for some time, but don't just keep your head down in the sand, also look forward and prepare for better and brighter days.

The relationships you had before Covid-19 are essential. The ones you make during this challenge are going to pay off in the future as well.

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