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Minority Business Owner Success

Survey – How Minority-Owned Businesses Can Pave Their Own Path

Now in its second (or third or fourth) leg, the global pandemic – which could soon be called an endemic – made its mark by creating obstacles for everyone. Every business, big and small, experienced its fair share of challenges. Yet, in the height of the pandemic, minority-owned small businesses experienced another level of hardships. Through it...

Small Business Challenges

Tough Times Persist For Small Biz Says Facebook Global SMB Survey

Facebook's Global State of Small Business Report presents a relatively gloomful picture of small business economics. The pandemic started in early 2020, continues to negatively affect the entire globe. I believe civil unrest in Europe is also causing global economic concerns. We'll first unpack some of the highlights inside the study, then we'll offer solutions...

customer communication

News: 57% of Women-Owned Businesses Use Digital Tools to Communicate with Customers

The pandemic has changed customer communication. In this new normal, more and more businesses are trying to adopt digital tools to communicate with their customers for quick, easy communication. And women-owned businesses are scoring higher than their male counterparts when it comes to using digital tools. According to Meta's ongoing State of Small Business research...

Small business trends

10 Top Small Business Trends To Watch For

Small businesses form a large part of America’s professional landscape, accounting for about 44% of all economic activity in the US.  What makes businesses thrive changes, and 2022 promises to continue showcasing new inclinations and tendencies. Here are some of the top trends in small business this year. Here are 10 top trends, small...

small business funding

News: The US Plans to Spend $10 Billion to Help Small Businesses Recover and Grow

Small businesses in the country went through difficult times in the recent past. Supply chain disruptions, poor cash flow, diminishing demands were just a few of the many hurdles small businesses faced due to the pandemic. The new year 2022 has brought new hopes for small businesses. A WSJ report states the federal government is...

eCommerce website speed

News: 50% of Your Customers Abandon Shopping Carts if Your Pages Are not Fast Enough

Is your eCommerce website struggling to increase the conversion rate? Do your customers abandon shopping carts a lot? If your answer to these questions is yes, don’t conclude that something is wrong with your products or marketing. My friend, the main deal-breaker can be your eCommerce website speed. According to the latest survey by,...

money for small businesses

NEWS – New Banking Services Are A Win for Small Biz Says Pitney Bowes Exec

Traditional banks provide a range of much-needed services for small businesses. Checking and savings accounts, lines of credit, loans and so much more. However, traditionally, banks have been a challenge to deal with, for some business owners. Christopher Johnson, President of Pitney Bowes Financial Services, says that Pitney Bowes is positioned to help fill this financial...


Demand for Made in USA Rises Says Alibaba Report

Made In the USA is still popular says a recent study from Alibaba, according to their 2021 year in review and 2022 outlook report. According to their press release, the company’s just-released report, 2021 in Review and 2022 Outlook, shows demand for “Made in the USA” products between January and December 2021 was driven by...

start a new business

News: 17 Million New Businesses Are Expected to be Launched in 2022, Reports QuickBooks Survey

If you want to start a new business in the new year, then you're not alone. According to QuickBooks’ New Business Insights report, 3 out of 5 (57%) US employees thinking about taking the plunge into entrepreneurship. And of these wannabe business owners, 20% will take the leap in the coming year, which will translate into...

Online Booking Options

News: 1 in 4 Customers Avoid a Salon with No Online Booking Options, Reports Square

If you’re running a salon, you should not shy away from offering online booking options to your customers. According to the latest The Future of Beauty trend report from Square, 25% of customers don’t visit a salon that doesn’t offer online booking options. Even before the pandemic started, omnichannel booking was growing. And, during the pandemic,...

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