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Bank Account

5 Important Reasons to Separate Your Business and Personal Finances

Let’s set the scene. You’ve got your business idea, you’ve started bringing in clients, created your website, and you’re set up for success…or are you? While things pick up, room for error and disorganization can begin to increase. When it comes to your business finances, you aren’t the only business owner who may be forgetting one...

Tax Credits

Using Tax Credits As Revenue for Your Business

Starting a business can be overwhelming. There’s filing for licenses and permits; figuring out how to classify both the business and employees; writing a business plan and more. It’s enough to make an entrepreneur’s head spin. What does the new generation of business owners need to know about starting a business? Submitted by Doug Ludlow,...

Small business owners - recession fighting

Let A Recession Make You Stronger. Advice from Fundbox CFO.

Covid was bad. Like really bad. However, it also made many of us stronger. Businesses that were not harnessing technology the way they should, harnessed it better. Businesses who didn't hone in on their customers honed in much better. Marten Abrahamsen, CFO of FundBox says that small business resiliency can help us weather these...

Accounting Principles

Three Accounting Tips Your Business Must Follow

There are so many ways to operate a successful business, and nobody’s method is inherently better than anyone else’s. However, if you understand a few basic accounting best practices, your success will be a heck of a lot easier to achieve. To ensure your business operates as efficiently and effectively as possible, consider the...

Managing Your Finances

Three Keys to Managing Your Finances as a New Business Owner

If you’re considering starting a business, you’re probably really good at something. Maybe you make the best cupcakes, the most beautiful websites or give the best haircuts. Whatever it is – you have a skill or talent that you’ve carefully crafted over time and a tremendous amount of passion. For new and prospective entrepreneurs, however,...

Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards: A 6 Point Guide for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you know that a credit card can be a helpful tool for managing your business’s finances. It’s also an excellent way to provide your employees with the means to handle their business expenses. But if they're not used correctly, credit cards can quickly get out of control and cause severe...

Cash Flow

Use Bundling To Increase Your Cash Flow

You see it everywhere.  In the airport, on Amazon, in college bookstores, and carpet cleaning services, bundling is the open secret used to increase cash flow.  The basic truth is – it works. What is Bundling Bundling is combing items that are often bought together at a perceived discount or convenience.  The thought process behind it...


10 Financial Decisions Before Starting Your First Business

Some people believe that launching a business is stressful. Uncertainty exists no matter how well you plan your to-do list or schedule your time. However, there are two sides to a coin. Most businesses collapse due to financial factors such as the entrepreneur running out of cash, being incapable of paying workers, or not...

How Businesses Can Beat Inflation

How to Safeguard Your Business During High Inflation

We are living through a period of high inflation, at levels that haven’t been seen in decades. Small business owners are worried about inflation hurting their businesses; a recent survey of small business owners conducted by Wave found that 36% of small business owners are concerned about the impact of inflation on their businesses in...

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