Amazon Freight partner April Taylor

Want to Partner with Amazon? Here’s One Way.

Did you know you can grow your small business, if you're into trucking, by becoming an Amazon freight partner? During an interview with April Taylor of Opulent Transport, Ramon Ray, founder of learned how Taylor’s partnership with Amazon has helped her trucking business grow. Smart Hustle Small Business Podcast · Want to partner with Amazon?...

Mickey Fain Stoneside Blinds and Shades

Why Premium Customer Service Builds a Profitable Business

Does premium customer service matter? Aboslutley. Premium service helps your business get premium profits, due to customer loyalty and more! Mickey Fain, owner and president of Stoneside Blinds and Shades based in Denver, Colorado, recently spoke with Ramon Ray, founder of and entrepreneur about success in business through great customer service and customer experience. Listen...

Get up when your down - Hannah Perry

How to Move Forward? Life Kicks You Down. Get Back Up. Hannah Perry’s Insights.

Hannah Perry, is the owner of the Giggling Pig Art and Party Studio, and she talks with Ramon about the ups and downs that come along with running your own business. She shares her tips for getting back up and moving forward when life kicks you down. See past episodes, Hannah's Journey, here. Smart Hustle Small...

Elzie Flenard

Your First Podcast. Podcast Town CEO Best Tips To Get You Started.

Podcasting is an important part of getting the word out about your business and building authority. Here's a discussion with the CEO of Podcast Town about podcasting and much more. Smart Hustle Small Business Podcast · Your First Podcast - With Podcast Town CEO Elzie Flenard Elzie Flenard is the CEO of Podcast Town and he...

Every Business Owner is a Marketer - Hannah Perry

Every Business Owner is a Marketer – Says Art Studio Owner

Hannah Perry shares her journey going to her first big digital marketing conference, Traffic and Conversion Summit. Hannah owns The Giggling Pig Art and Party Studio and shares her journey of success (and challenges) on the Smart Hustle Podcast.   Smart Hustle Small Business Podcast · Every Business Owner Is Marketer - Hannah's Journey Hannah Perry attended...

Ashlee Fay

From $54 to 6 Figure Shopping Network – with Ashlee Fay

If you haven’t heard of her yet, you may soon. Ashlee Fay is a leading mind behind, a brand that runs a six-figure shopping network through their own app and Facebook, as well as inspiring women to embrace their passion and grow their own successful online business. Ashlee started with less than $100...

How Digital Workflows Help Small Biz Owners Win

How Digital Workflows Help Small Biz Owners Win

For some small businesses, adding technology has been a necessity due to the dwindling workforce. For others, it was all about complying with social distancing guidelines with digital workflows that keep patrons feeling safe. While some just leaned into the cool factor in an effort to wow their customers. All good reasons. All effective in...

facebook outage small business weakness

Three Ways Facebook’s Outage Shows the Weakness of Small Business Marketing

Facebook is an awesome platform. It connects us to each other in a powerful way. This includes Instagram and What's App. However, for several hours today, these platforms were down. The world of marketing and online slowed to a crawl. The biggest lesson this means to small business owners is the importance of OWNING...

Get Different Book

Book Review: Get Different – How to Improve Your Marketing

Small business author Mike Michalowicz believes steadfastly in the entrepreneurial dream. Even as we all head further into the global and local economic problems created by the coronavirus pandemic, Mike still believes you can succeed. Now is the time to trail ahead. And with over half a million readers of his books and four...

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