How use influencer to market your business

How to Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign for Your Business

Contributor, Wynn Corliss, Chief Operating Officer of Metigy Influencer marketing is quickly becoming one of the most talked about marketing strategies. With its ability to generate an 11x higher return on investment (ROI) compared to traditional strategies, brands are increasingly turning to influencers to drive brand awareness and source unique content.  For small businesses looking to...

Customer Loyalty - 10 Strategies

10 Strategies to Boost Sales Through Customer Loyalty

Contributed by Tatyana Artemova an entrepreneur, mastermind expert, and founder at IStartHub. It is essential to focus on building a reliable customer base while running a business. You can do this by giving your audience some good reasons to keep coming back. Actually, that should be the number one strategy of a growing business.  According...

How to Increase Sales using Email Marketing (YES!)

Surprisingly, email marketing is still relevant as one of the most effective tools in the digital arena. One might assume, in a world full of social media and ever-evolving platforms and apps, email marketing might have died years ago. However,as evident by the data, it is not going obsolete anywhere near soon. In this post,...

Community Engagement

3 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Community Engagement

Community engagement is crucial for brands – after all, getting customers is just the first step. Brands need to continue engaging with consumers even after they’ve purchased their product or service. It’s important to keep customers informed, but in order to create a successful relationship, it’s critical to listen in return. Listening lets you...

Grow your customer base

Three Uncommon, Yet Effective, Ways to Grow Your Customer Base

Customers write your paychecks.  Assuming your products are priced profitably, the more customers you have, the more revenue and profit you earn. Here are three ways to grow your customer base: Reactivate inactive customers. An inactive customer is a customer who has bought from your company in the past but not in the past 18 months. Go through...

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