The Best Software & Tools to Grow Small Businesses

Tips from Ramon Ray, founder,

A small business owner is always on the lookout for ways to improve efficiencies and increase productivity. Putting the right systems in place is essential. When you’re working to start or grow your small business, leveraging the right systems, software and tools help you maximize your time and your revenue.

We know the software options out there are extensive, but we want to help you be smart about your hustle! Streamline your business with these guides to the most useful tech tools for your small business:

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More Tech Tools and Software Tips for Small Businesses

Ginger Siegel

Mastercard Exec On Black Female Founders and Digitization and Automation

Black female founders get some of the least funding for their business. Ginger Siegel, who heads Mastercard's small business in North America wants to change that. Her passion is authentic. Listen to our podcast here Smart Hustle Small Business Podcast · Digitize and Automate - Tips from Mastercard Exec Watch the video interview here Grants and Investments This "do...

Cybersecurity Tips

3 Reasons Cybersecurity Should Be A Top Priority

Digital transformation has probably brought a lot of changes to your small business: increases in efficiency, speed, and hopefully revenue. But with those benefits has also come some risk:  cyber risk. And while many of the cybersecurity conversations revolve around the government and enterprise business level, with SMBs also depending more and more on digital...

how can startups scale up

Preparing to Scale – Technology Key to Growth for Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs are passionate about the growth of their companies. They wear many hats as they scale their business, from CEO and CIO to finance manager. Many in their early start-up days personally handle a huge variety of time-consuming tasks, including approving expense reports and manually issuing checks. Preparing to Scale  Between the third and fifth year...

backup your business

Back Up Your Business. Hardware Options To Consider

Take a moment to think about all of the data your business currently has stored digitally. Customer account documents, databases, financial statements, years of tax documents, personnel records, presentations, inventory/sales, the list goes on and on. All of this data is important and worth saving. From a business perspective, this data likely keeps your company...

small business ad strategy

3 Ways Your Small Business Ad Strategy is Impacted by Apple’s Privacy Update

By James Munnerlyn, President and Co-Founder of Blip Billboards. Apple is going full throttle with its privacy measures for users with its recent release of iOS 15. But what does this mean for SMBs? What does this mean for your business? Digital ads (particularly on social media platforms owned by Facebook) are now more expensive...

How Digital Workflows Help Small Biz Owners Win

How Digital Workflows Help Small Biz Owners Win

For some small businesses, adding technology has been a necessity due to the dwindling workforce. For others, it was all about complying with social distancing guidelines with digital workflows that keep patrons feeling safe. While some just leaned into the cool factor in an effort to wow their customers. All good reasons. All effective in...

how ai supports digital marketing

Digital Marketing: Can AI Give Your Business the Breathing Space It Needs?

By Wynn Corliss, Chief Operating Officer at Metigy. Around the US, businesses are turning to digital marketing to connect with their increasingly digital audiences. Providing intimate access to customers, digital marketing, utilizing social media, offers a cost-effective way for brands to connect with consumers. With the rise of data-led marketing and artificial intelligence (AI) within digital...

problems with slack_image

Slack: The Green Light Isn’t an Indicator of Productivity

By Jenn Fulmer, a content writer for TechnologyAdvice, IT Business Edge, and Baseline There are problems with Slack green light or any other tool like Microsoft Teams if use them to measure your employee's productivity. If employees constantly worry about keeping their green light on, they can’t focus on their actual work. Many managers are worried...

Strategic Technology

Why Strategic IT Should be at the Top of Every Executive’s Priority List

By Julia Deien, Microsoft Certified Professional and Jason Gotway, VSP5, VMTSP, VCP550 In 2020, 70% of United States employees worked remotely, teams and customers relied on virtual tools to communicate, and a dispersed workforce led to additional concerns about cybersecurity. The result has been not only an increased use of technology, but also a heightened awareness...


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