better digital filing system

7 Steps to a Better Digital Filing System

Whether you’ve always had a digital filing system or went 100% digital as a result of the pandemic, your filing system is essential to your day-to-day work. However, like paper filing systems, digital filing systems need structure and ongoing organizing to be most effective. When was the last time you scanned through the folders...

Sell your eCommerce Business

5 Killer Exit Strategies to Sell Your Online Business

Contributed by Blake Hutchison CEO of You’ve invested time and money into building your online business from scratch, but now you’re ready to embark on a new adventure. Perhaps you want to free your schedule from the commitment that comes with managing a digital asset. The thought of traveling the world sounds enticing. Spending more time...

vcita business management software

Tech Review: vcita – A Business Management Platform for Service-Based Hustles

With so many software products available on the market nowadays, it feels like small business entrepreneurs have gotten used to working with multiple apps to take care of things like scheduling appointments, getting paid by customers, relationship management, and nurturing leads. Using a diverse array of apps to run your business comes with many disadvantages....

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