owners show up

Nick Dancer’s Advice to Biz Owners: “Just Show Up”

Nicholas Dancer is the owner and operator of Dancer Concrete Design and he chats with Ramon Ray about concrete, entrepreneurship, leadership, and his new book, Day In, Day Out: The Secret Power in Showing Up and Doing the Work. The Beginning of a Business Nick runs Dancer Concrete Design out of Fort Wayne, Indiana. They don’t...

Customer Experience

A Bridal Boutique that Banks on Customer Experience

At Dreamforce 2019, Ramon Ray had the chance to chat with Nicole Staple is the co-founder and CEO of Brideside. Nicole and the team at Brideside are revolutionizing the bridal industry by making the boutique experience more convenient, stress-free and inspiring. Their unwavering commitment to providing a unique customer experience has rewarded them with...

comfortable with selling

Don’t Lose Your Soul to Sales, Christine Volden Had a Better Way to Get Comfortable With Selling

Ramon Ray sat down with Christine Volden, founder of Soulful Selling at Dreamforce 2019. Christine works with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them get comfortable with selling and to grow and scale their sales teams. Christine believes that “everyone can sell with authenticity and confidence in a way that empowers them.” How Do...

business more personal

Customers Crave Connection: How to Make Your Business More Personal

In the effort to make businesses more efficient and accessible, many lose the personal touch and human element that customers crave. But having an online presence does not mean you have to lose touch with your customers.  In a world of numbers and efficiencies, there is a lot of talk in the small business world...

shopify email

Shopify Email: Email Marketing Designed for E-commerce

Shopify users rejoice! Email marketing just got a whole lot easier on the widely used, and increasingly popular, e-commerce platform. The e-commerce powerhouse just released Shopify Email, an email marketing tool designed to help you build meaningful relationships with your customers in an increasingly crowded commerce landscape. Last year, in an effort to make digital...

mentor mindset

David Neagle: The Keys to Success are Mindset and a Mentor

David Neagle shares with Ramon Ray that as a young adult without even complete high school education, who was married with a few children, he realized that he had “created a situation where [he] had way more responsibility than the ability to fulfill that responsibility.” He wasn’t being the husband, father, or provider he...

customer experience customer service

Customer Experience & Customer Service: What’s the Difference and How Can Ruby Help You Deliver on Both?

Customer experience and customer service can make or break a small business. But what exactly are customer experience and customer service and how can you use them both to improve your business? Molly Moore from Ruby and Shep Hyken, customer service and experience expert walk us through it.  Molly Moore on Customer Service vs Customer...

e-commerce alibaba

How to Grow an E-Commerce Business and Sell More Online with Alibaba

Ramon Ray got together with Li Hayes, Daniel Rosenfield, John Lawson, and Jonah Mandel to bring business owners advice on how to grow their e-commerce businesses with the help of Alibaba.  Jonah Mandel from Alibaba.com says their platform helps US business owners better source and sell products and they can use it to reach a...

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