David Neagle: The Keys to Success are Mindset and a Mentor

David Neagle shares with Ramon Ray that as a young adult without even complete high school education, who was married with a few children, he realized that he had “created a situation where [he] had way more responsibility than the ability to fulfill that responsibility.” He wasn’t being the husband, father, or provider he wanted to be for his family. David shares that there were 2 things that motivated him to change his situation, a mentor and mindset. 

First, he experienced a near-death experience that gave him a sense of urgency in life. “But what surprised me was that nothing changed after that.” Logically, David thought he needed to go back to school to get out of the situation he was in, but he didn’t have the time or money to do that. David prayed for God to give him some direction. 

Change Your Attitude 

David said he heard a little voice in his head that said, “change your attitude.” Next, he had to figure out how to do just that. So, he says that he compared his own attitude to a successful business owner, the man who owned the business he worked for. He says here’s what he recognized:

  • He loved what he did.
  • He did every job to the best of his ability.
  • He treated everybody with total respect.

David said, “ok, that’s what I’m going to do.” David wanted a change more than anything else in his life and he was willing to do whatever it took to do it. So, he made the change in his attitude and said in 30 days his income tripled. David said that this fired up his curiosity and he started to wonder what he could accomplish if he actually knew what he was doing. David started seeking knowledge from books, conferences, and seminars.

From Driver’s Seat to… Driver’s Seat!

Within a few years, David went from driving a truck at a company to being in charge of expanding the company across the country. And, he did it with no additional education besides the basic management course he took at the company. 

Fast forward and with the help of his mentor, David started his own business helping others how to get their own company over 7-8 figures in a very short period of time with a solid structure that they could actually scale. David does this by making people aware of their potential so they can use it and then by giving them the solid business structure and techniques to be able to go out there and build the business that they want. 

A Mindset Shift Can Cause a Breakthrough

“The mindset is the hardest piece,” David says he’s worked with companies that are making tens of millions of dollars and they get stuck and they don’t know why they get stuck. He says after working with them for just a day or so and figuring out what’s going on their heads that he can turn them around and then, just like that, their business takes off. 

“Just because we think a certain way and we believe something does not necessarily mean that it’s true.” In order for someone to experience something different in their life, David says he has to slowly change their belief system. David said that often it’s not a hard skill issue, it’s a mindset issue. 

Make a Choice 

“Our greatest power is our ability to choose. It’s what makes us God-like…we are created in the image of.”

The 2 powers that give us that image are:

  • The ability to use our imagination—we can download information from the universe and we can bring it into order.
  • We choose to focus on that image and nothing else. When we do that we take something from “nothing” to the physical. This is called the Perpetual Law of Transmutation of Energy. 

David says that success is nothing more than awareness. “We have the ability to take in information that’s not true, make it our reality…and then pass it on from one generation to another. We call that ignorance.” David would ask a person, “what do you want?” and then tell them to make a decision that you won’t back away from and go after it. 

Find a Mentor

The second thing he would tell someone is to get a mentor and listen to them. To pick a mentor, pick someone who is successful— "miles ahead of you and has proven by results that they’ve done it.” Approach your potential mentor from the angle of how you can also be a benefit to them. “You give in order to receive,” David says. The key is to develop yourself to the point where you really have something of value to give to everyone. 

David adds that “spending money on the right mentor is better than any money you’ll spend for a college education.” David says they’re living in the real world and have applied the ideas that have made them successful.

For more success tips visit Davidneagle.com or check out The Successful Mind Podcast.

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