Instagram Shadow Banning

Prevent Instagram Shadow Banning and 10 More Tips for Your Business

Every Monday 7:30am est, join Ramon LIVE on Clubhouse in Breakfast with Champions, where he shares tips and insights on business and life success. In this episode Ramon talks about Instagram Shadow Banning; Failing in the Trough (Seth Godin tips); Stream yard ads green screens and so much more. Smart Hustle Small Business Podcast ·...

Laura Spaulding - Spaulding Decon

From Police Officer to Crime Scene Cleaning Business

Laura Spaulding, is the owner of Spaulding Decon. She's a former Kansas City Police Officer, who transitioned to entrepreneurship through a series of tough lessons, school of hard knocks and the joys of the freedom of business ownership. Today Spaulding Decon cleans up messy, toxic, and at times emotionally traumatic crime scenes. But that's only...


10 Financial Decisions Before Starting Your First Business

Some people believe that launching a business is stressful. Uncertainty exists no matter how well you plan your to-do list or schedule your time. However, there are two sides to a coin. Most businesses collapse due to financial factors such as the entrepreneur running out of cash, being incapable of paying workers, or not...

How to start a restaurant business

How To Start A Restaurant Business -9 Tips.

Starting and managing a restaurant is easy business, however it’s rewarding for so many reasons. I spoke with Camille Holder-Brown, co-founder of Kale Cafe in Daytona Beach, Florida and Gladys Harrison, owner of Big Mamma’s Kitchen in Omaha, Nebraska.  Also joining us was Jeff Dickerson, head of Clover, a technology company that powers service businesses with...

Small business trends

10 Top Small Business Trends To Watch For

Small businesses form a large part of America’s professional landscape, accounting for about 44% of all economic activity in the US.  What makes businesses thrive changes, and 2022 promises to continue showcasing new inclinations and tendencies. Here are some of the top trends in small business this year. Here are 10 top trends, small...

Cash flow Intuit Quickbooks

How Intuit QuickBooks Is Shaping The Future of Small Business Finances

Intuit QuickBooks has long been the leading software helping small business owners manage their cash flow and bank account balances. Over the years it's extended those services to payroll, accounting help and more. Recently Intuit QuickBooks is moving into directly providing financial services to its customers as well. Ramon Ray, small business expert and founder of

employee benefits

The Impact of Employee Benefits on Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) account for 99.9% of all U.S. businesses and nearly half of the private U.S. workforce. However, SMBs are still reeling from the impacts of the pandemic and are having to balance employee retention with benefits offerings to attract and retain talent.  A recent PwC survey revealed a staggering 88% of companies...

Sara Bendrick

Without Scalable Systems Sara Bendrick’s Landscaping Business Was In Trouble

Sara Bendrick is a designer, licensed contractor & T.V. Host for the DIY Network.  She has a bachelors in landscape architecture from Cal Poly SLO and when not filming ‘I Hate my Yard’ or her new series “Lawn & Order’  she runs a Landscape design/build company, ‘Sarita Landscape Design’. Her landscaping business was doing 'ok'....

Small Business Phone System

How to Establish a Small Business Phone System

Communication is critical to the success of any company. So you should implement a small business phone system that can expedite procedures and improve communication between consumers and agents. What's more, good communication builds a business culture that both employees and customers appreciate. As part of your communications solution, we will discuss how to set...

Fix Yourself to Fix Your Business

He Improved His Mindset To Improve His Business

Joseph Gillingham is a tree surgery, tree planting and tree removal, specialist.  He's the owner of Heritage Tree Care in Toronto, Canada, and won a $20,000 grant from Jobber . Jobber is software that helps service businesses with estimating, quoting, invoice and getting paid. In this discussion with Ramon Ray, small business expert and founder...