How the Texas Humor Mobile App Helped Grow their Business

How Texas Humor Used a Mobile App to Grow Their Business

Mobile apps don’t often get as much play as other marketing platforms because, well, there’s the technical know-how required to build one as well as the cost. But after talking to Jay B, founder of Texas Humor, and Casey from Shopgate about how they worked to create the app for Texas Humor, it may...

grow your business with cloud mobile social

Webinar: Grow Your Business with Cloud, Mobile, Social

  Because of all of the advances in technology, today's business needs to be nimble to ensure they are not only reaching their customers in the best way possible but running an operation that is lean and mean. These mean employing technologies that utilize the cloud are optimized for mobile and engage people socially. It's a...

Is Mobile Trading The Next Big Thing? Millennials Would Tell You Yes!

[content field="callout1" format="true" class="calloutwide"] Remember back in the 1980s and 1990s when the floor of the New York Stock Exchange was flooded with ambitious traders representing individuals and firms? When 11 Wall Street New York, NY was the epitome of capitalism, but now all the individuals who once inhabited this famous location are now replaced...

google mobile algorithm

Mobile Friendly Websites Gain Useful Advantage With New Google Mobile Search

[content field="callout1" format="true" class="calloutwide"]Being encouraged to have a mobile-friendly website certainly isn’t a new thing, but on April 21 it will take a new form of urgency as Google adds mobile-friendliness to their search algorithm. The announcement came on February 26, 2015, when Google announced that its algorithms have to adapt to new internet usage...

INC 500 study results

For the First Time in 8 Years Blogging Declined Among Inc. 500

[content field="callout1" format="true" class="calloutwide"]Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D, Director, Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth, and team recently conducted a longitudinal study of its annual in-depth study on the usage of social media by the fastest-growing corporations in the U.S. in the Inc. 500 list. Among the findings, they discovered that...

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