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Entrepreneurs Do Well By Doing Good

Ask successful entrepreneurs what made them decide to start a new business and you’ll hear everything from “I saw an opportunity in the marketplace” to “I was tired of making money for someone else.” Ask an entrepreneur whose business has a socially conscious mission, and you’ll get a different type of answer. Entrepreneurs starting businesses...

App-etite for Success: How Two College Pals Built a Successful App Company with No Experience

App-etite for Success College pals Joshua Tucker and Keith Shields didn't know how to build apps, but that didn't stop them from creating a successful app company.   How do you get named the “Coolest College Startup of 2014” by Inc. Magazine? For Joshua Tucker and Keith Shields, cofounders of app creation company Applits, it’s all about...

4 Entrepreneurs Who Braved Stepping Into Uncharted Territory

4 Entrepreneurs Who Braved Stepping Into Uncharted Territory For those with a true entrepreneurial spirit and mindset, barriers are something to leap over, not stop you dead in your tracks. That applies even to those for whom the barrier is creating a business in and industry and market for which they have no experience or knowledge....

How Dogged Persistence is Growing a Business and a Community

How do you launch a successful restaurant in South Central Los Angeles—an inner-city area plagued by gang violence and poverty, where there are few businesses other than liquor stores? For Karim Webb and Edward Barnett of PCF Management, the answer is simple: Show the community you care, and the community will support your business.

Money Hunt: How 4 Smart Hustlers Found Money for Their Startups

Getting funding to start your business doesn't mean gearing up to visit your local bank. In fact, a trip to the bank will likely get you nowhere—banks are notoriously tight-fisted when it comes to lending money to startups. Smart entrepreneurs know finding funding is all about the hustle. You have to be flexible, determined,...

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