From Service to Startup: Veterans Making Their Way as Small Business Entrepreneurs

From Service to Startup: Veterans Making Their Way as Small Business Entrepreneurs

Veterans of our military are one of this nation’s greatest resources. Given much greater responsibility than their civilian counter parts much earlier in their military careers and taught leadership in high-stress and high-stakes situations from the get go, veterans typically exhibit greater maturity than their civilian contemporaries. Honor, reliability, looking out for each other for a greater good, and the ability to see a task through to its conclusion, no matter what it takes, is a common characteristic of anyone that found success in the military.

There is often a misconception that veterans are taught only to follow orders. That is absolutely not the case in our United States military, where being able to operate independently and, as part of small team, is essential. While our men and women are taught to learn quickly and to follow well-honed processes to a letter, they are also expected to think independently and improvise constantly. They must excel despite limited resources and situational awareness. Often they learn and practice this hands-on in situations where making a mistake has far graver consequences than in the business world.

It is exactly these characteristics that make our veterans not only some of the best leaders and employees in large corporations, but also the ideal entrepreneur. Seeking to inspire others with their success, this special Veteran’s Day issue we share with you the story of six men and women in uniform that made the transition to civilian life and founded successful companies from the ground up. You will also note a common thread in each of their stories that they faced many obstacles to achieve success, but along the way, they never gave up on both their dream and their deep-seated belief that it is incumbent to each of them to give back to other veterans.

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