SMB Going Online Tripled

News: SMB Going Online Tripled Between Pre-pandemic and 2021

The coronavirus pandemic forced businesses to reinvent themselves to survive and thrive in difficult times. So, there is no surprise that more and more businesses went online during the pandemic. According to Recovery Insights: Small Business Reset report prepared by Mastercard Economics Institute, the number of SMB offering online products/services tripled between the pre-pandemic...

The American Dream

Does The American Dream Still Exist? The American Dream Depends on Your Perception

By Saloua Ibaline, business strategist, author and digital marketing coach. When I first arrived in New York City in 2005, I was 21 years old. My eyes were full of sparks and my head was full of dreams. I was dedicated to success. Nothing could’ve stopped me from achieving my vision of the American dream....

business marketing

How to Change Business Owners’ Love-Hate Relationship with Marketing

By Zev Asch, Marketing & Business Growth Consultant Business owners need not be their company’s marketing experts. You trust your CPA to guide you on finances and your lawyer to advise on legal matters – marketing should not be an exception. Your role as a business owner is to create a vision, set goals and...

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