fix a broken brand

How to Fix a Broken Brand: Especially if All of Your Pivoting Still Hasn’t Worked Yet

By Rikki Roehrich, seasoned content creator for various small business brands. It’s no surprise that small businesses went through a lot last year. They have given the impact of public health and safety concerns on the economy. While small businesses were told that the key to survival was to PIVOT, they still haven’t been able...

small business marketing

3 Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners to Succeed in 2021

By Megan Wintersteen, Vice President of Marketing at Zenreach It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic took a heavy toll on small businesses (SMBs) throughout 2020. Moving through 2021, however, we’ve seen increasing signs of optimism. Consumer foot traffic to restaurants and retailers has increased more than 52% since January. Vaccination rates are also climbing....

Get Different Book

Book Review: Get Different – How to Improve Your Marketing

Small business author Mike Michalowicz believes steadfastly in the entrepreneurial dream. Even as we all head further into the global and local economic problems created by the coronavirus pandemic, Mike still believes you can succeed. Now is the time to trail ahead. And with over half a million readers of his books and four...

business marketing

How to Change Business Owners’ Love-Hate Relationship with Marketing

By Zev Asch, Marketing & Business Growth Consultant Business owners need not be their company’s marketing experts. You trust your CPA to guide you on finances and your lawyer to advise on legal matters – marketing should not be an exception. Your role as a business owner is to create a vision, set goals and...

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