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How Accounting Is (Finally) Catching Up to What Today’s Entrepreneurs Need

While the way we do business has radically changed, small business accounting hasn't changed much. For today’s entrepreneurs, tackling tasks like bookkeeping and invoicing with traditional small business accounting software is at odds with how they naturally manage money. For some time now, mobile apps have replaced what used to be necessities of everyday living:...

Neat Small Business Finance Solutions

News: Neat’s Latest Solutions Make Small Business Finance Easy

Are you struggling to manage finance in your small business? If yes, then the latest offerings from The Neat Company will ease your burden and save you tons of time. Neat, a leader in financial data management for small businesses, recently introduced easy-to-use bookkeeping and account receivable solutions. Known as NeatBooks and NeatInvoices, these...

How to hire a book keeper

7 Bookkeeping Mistakes Small Businesses Must Avoid

Contributed by Carole Anne, the bubbly head honcho of Key Admin - A professional bookkeeping business in Australia. As a small business owner, you can expand your business by ensuring its financial health. However, with so much to do, it is a very tough ask.  Paying attention to the financial side of the business along with...

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