Manage an Online Business

How To Start and Manage an Online Business

Whether we like it or not, online businesses are slowly taking over. The pandemic has undoubtedly contributed to this trend to a great degree. More and more people decide to try their luck in one of the fastest-growing industries. That's why it is easier than ever before to start and manage an online business. Before...

podcast markting

5 Unexplored Benefits of Proactive Podcast Marketing

The leading French novelist, Milan Kundera, said, Business has only two functions- marketing and innovation. For any organization, marketing falls in the spectrum of primary business activities. It is an undeniable fact that while sales drive revenue, marketing gravitates people towards a brand and inspires purchasing decisions. Having said that, marketing is the most powerful catalyst to...

Customer data privacy

4 Tips to Ensure Customer Data Privacy for Your Online Business

Online privacy is hard to come by these days, with companies using every opportunity possible to gather and use your private data. It is no surprise that customers are more concerned and cautious about their online privacy than ever before. If you run an online business, you need to create a customer data privacy policy....

employee benefits

The Impact of Employee Benefits on Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Small-and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) account for 99.9% of all U.S. businesses and nearly half of the private U.S. workforce. However, SMBs are still reeling from the impacts of the pandemic and are having to balance employee retention with benefits offerings to attract and retain talent.  A recent PwC survey revealed a staggering 88% of companies...

Lifelong learning

A Commitment to Lifelong Learning Is Essential for Your Success

There’s a misconception that the most successful business leaders are born with their leadership credentials imprinted in their DNA. Surely because they are more successful than their peers, it stands to reason they’re extremely sharp or even smarter than their non-CEO cohorts. But in truth, what sets successful business leaders apart is their innate curiosity and...

Small Business Phone System

How to Establish a Small Business Phone System

Communication is critical to the success of any company. So you should implement a small business phone system that can expedite procedures and improve communication between consumers and agents. What's more, good communication builds a business culture that both employees and customers appreciate. As part of your communications solution, we will discuss how to set...

franchising your business

How to Franchise Your Small Business (Things You Must Know to Succeed )

Franchises can be an excellent way to maximize business growth while minimizing the overhead costs involved with opening additional locations. You are basically leasing rights to your model, brand, and business strategy to another entrepreneur in a franchised business. The franchisee receives a proven business model and ongoing support to ensure success in their business...

Money Management

Are Students Loans Impacting Your Business Growth

2021 was the year of booming small businesses. As of September, more than 4 million people filed applications to start a new business, compared to 3 million the previous year. But not everyone has been able to start the business of their dreams, and some are finding their new business expenses going elsewhere each month. Student...

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