Zoho One Cements Place in Business Technology Industry with Shiny New Features

Customer experience has been a business buzzword this year. But, when it comes to using technology to facilitate the best user and customer experience, businesses oftentimes face challenges. Multiple logins, systems that don’t communicate, important customer information lost in translation, and overall more work for you. Since Zoho One launched in 2017, its goal has been to offer an integrated approach to technology that would give businesses a better user experience.

The organization prides itself on the premise of being a unified operating system that is capable of running your entire business including sales, marking, finance, HR, operations, and more. After being in the game for just over 2 years, Zoho One has been quick to keep up with ever-evolving technology. 

As Zoho One continues to grow with and for its customers, the platform is expanding, reimagining and redefining how technology platforms should be moving forward and setting the tone for the entire industry.

Zoho One announced several important changes to their portfolio today. They rolled out several new operating-system services. All of the new features are available today (9/12) and are included with Zoho One.  


PhoneBridge is Zoho's new telephony platform, which integrates over 50 telephony vendors on one side and several Zoho applications on the other side.

PhoneBridge integration enables telephony in Zoho apps like CRM and Recruit. It integrates with over 20 Zoho apps, allows users to make calls directly from those Zoho apps, and provides important data on incoming calls. 

Single Sign-On

The new Single Sign-On service from Zoho One allows customers to integrate any third-party applications onto their Zoho account. This new feature currently supports approximately 50 third-party applications with the promise to keep expanding that list. Zoho’s SSO is another prime example of Zoho’s commitment to providing a seamless user experience and is ultra-scalable for mid-to-large sized businesses. In addition to the existing multi-factor authentications already supported, Zoho One administrators can now require YubiKey authentication as an added security factor.

App Management and Provisioning

Zoho One currently enables provisioning for all 45+ Zoho apps. This is now being extended to custom apps created through Zoho Creator as well as external apps available through Zoho Marketplace.

Zoho, third-party, custom, and SSO apps can be provisioned either individually to users or as groups conditionally provisioned with custom criteria.

Zoho One's new Admin Panel with dashboards and reports allows admins to monitor user activity and app usage, enabling them to find and manage underutilized resources. Admins also get extensive reports on user management, sign-in activity, app usage, and account security.


The cherry-on-top of Zoho’s latest rollout is Orchestly. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Orchestly enables managers with zero coding skills to easily define processes. Orchestly allows managers and administrators to automate and run their regular workflows, and can even support cross-departmental workflows such as purchase approvals, content publishing, asset management, and onboarding.

Zoho Sign

The Zoho Sign feature has been upgraded to include an additional level of verification for customers by implementing blockchain-based timestamping through Ethereum, the globally accepted, open-source platform.

Although Zoho One has come out with a multitude of changes that only add value to their product, their pricing remains at $30 per employee. Every feature highlighted above is included in Zoho One for no additional cost to the user. 

The Austin, Texas-based company has contributed immeasurable value to the realm of business technology in just 2 short years. Their respect for user privacy, excellent customer support, and pioneering an integrated system is evident by their 45 million users worldwide.  

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