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3 Tips for Going Global with Your Business

3 Tips for Going Global with Your Business US companies are more likely than ever to consider trading in foreign markets. In fact, 77% of them are currently assessing global opportunities because of the American economy. Entrepreneurs understand the need to stay ahead of the competition by maximising their reach abroad, but over half of...

The Anatomy of Effective Product Pages

The Anatomy of Effective Product Pages Before discussing the topic of effective product pages it’s worth pointing out that the nature of social media and the immediacy at which information can be consumed has caused a shift in the way buyers behave online. In the past, the buying decision process was a three stage model and...

How Dogged Persistence is Growing a Business and a Community

How do you launch a successful restaurant in South Central Los Angeles—an inner-city area plagued by gang violence and poverty, where there are few businesses other than liquor stores? For Karim Webb and Edward Barnett of PCF Management, the answer is simple: Show the community you care, and the community will support your business.