Save Time By Automating Your Financial Process (Interview & Bonus Tips from Bill.Com Founder)

Are you struggling to grow your business? The ongoing pandemic has hurt most small businesses. And many of these affected businesses are still finding it difficult to stay afloat. However, there are some entrepreneurs whose grit never let them give up. Ramon Ray recently interviewed René Lacerte, the founder of - one of the nation’s...

Keziah Dhamma

She Solved Her Hair Challenge Now She’s Selling It Online

Selling products online is nothing new. Many businesses function 100% from online sales. But how do they make it happen? What are the first steps they take? Keziah Dhamma started her business by solving a problem. It was a problem she had herself and realized other women were facing the same thing. Selling Products Online:...


Combining Business and Passion for Long-Term Success

Have you ever had a passion that gave you a business idea? Most people go through life trying to figure out how to create a business from a passion. Unfortunately, it's not that easy. A lot goes into creating a successful business, and just because you love something doesn't mean it will make you...

diversity in tech Geno Miller

Creating Diversity in Tech: Elevating People of Color

The field of technology is constantly changing and growing. But historically this industry has had a lack of diversity in the people who make it up. But there's one person specifically who wants to help create more diversity in tech. And, he wants to make it more possible for lack, Latinx, and Native American...

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