50 Powerful Tech Tools To Help Create A Successful Small Business

Social Media Sharing and Management Tools

addthisAddthis - Offers audience targeting tools, such as customizable sharing and social buttons, to promote your website. Comes complete with helpful marketing tools to increase traffic and deliver the best content.

sumomeSumoMe - This social marketing tool helps you grow your email lists, view analytics to see your website’s “hotspots,” get more shares, and even get free traffic to your site. It even integrates with many of your other marketing and website management apps.


HootSuite - With this free and secure social media dashboard, you can manage all of your social profiles in one place. You can also view your analytics, schedule posts to publish at future dates, and collaborate with multiple team members.

bufferBuffer - An easy way to manage your social media and share content, this dashboard-style app automatically schedules your posts for you throughout the day at strategic times.

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