50 Powerful Tech Tools To Help Create A Successful Small Business

 Collaboration Tools


DropboxDropbox - This powerful cloud-based storage platform helps free up valuable space on your computer and makes your files accessible online from any device, which makes file-sharing and collaborating a piece of cake.


Join.me - As a free and very simple screen sharing and video conferencing app, Join.me makes online meetings seamless. This platform offers an instant online meeting solution with no downloading required by viewers.


Skype - Enjoy this free way to stay in touch with your team or connect with key business contacts. The desktop and mobile options, video call, screen sharing and messaging features offer an easy, versatile way to collaborate.

freeconferencecall.comFreeConferenceCall.com - Besides offering a free call-in number for virtual meetings, this app provides a full suite of tools to make collaborating easier than ever, including video conferencing, international conference calling, screen sharing, and app integration from its app store.

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