50 Powerful Tech Tools To Help Create A Successful Small Business

Hiring & Outsourced Help Tools

upworkUpWork - Easily find and hire freelancers for any industry. From web developers to virtual assistants, to writers, this site makes it super convenient to fill in the gaps in your business team from virtually anywhere.


Fiverr - If you need graphics or creative marketing projects done quickly and on a budget, this marketplace is the place to look. Choose from a plethora of services, from logos to animations, and pay only a small fee for a professional product.

99designs99Designs - This site connects you to graphic designers who primarily compete for your business in graphic and web design. You just submit a description of what you need and your budget, and the designers send in their proposals. You provide feedback, and then you get to pick your favorite!  


CallRubyBased in Portland, Oregon, this virtual receptionist company provides remote live assistants who screen and connect your calls. At a fraction of the cost of an on-site person, this service could save you money, and help you retain clients with their top-notch customer service.

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