50 Powerful Tech Tools To Help Create A Successful Small Business

Video Creation & Sharing Tools

candidoCandidio - This helpful video production tool enables you to store videos from your smartphone (or any device) in one place and then have a professional edit them. It can’t get any easier than that.

periscopePeriscope - A relatively new social app that easily lets you stream live video to your Twitter audience from your smartphone. When you go live, your followers are instantly notified, and they can choose to join, leave you a comment, or send you “hearts.”

wevideoWeVideo - This free online video editing app lets you easily make a video from your smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s straightforward and intuitive but still enables you to create high-quality videos with premium features.  

wistiaWistia - Provides a video hosting and marketing platform to help grow your business. Includes professional-looking HD video, viewer analytics, and marketing tools to get more views and strategize your social video tactics.


YouTube - We’ve all heard of this video sharing search engine, but have you used it to promote your business? Tap into the massive traffic from this free platform to promote your business, improve your Google rankings, and grow your audience.

camtasiaCamtasia - This video editing tool enables you to record screen actions to easily create videos. From short “how-to” demos to more complex video projects, this software from Techsmith has all of the editing tools you need to create professional looking videos.

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