Lessons For Your Business From YouTube's Video Success.

The Wall Street Journal reported that YouTube tops 1 Billion hours of video viewing. This is big news...for you. Not only are online videos watched just about surpassing TV viewership, but it shows the power of mobile, broadband and our overall thirst for video.

One part of YouTube's success in generating more views is that it gives you more of what you want.  I love 3 types of video 1) "military/fighting/navy seal/weapons" 2) business video and 3) politics. So my feed is filled with videos about Jiu Jitsu, Navy Seal training, and press briefings from the White House.

What can you learn about YouTube to help your business?

It is so important to know what your customers and prospective customers want.

If you're a refrigerator repair services vendor and you know your customers really want "24/7" service. Then market and provide more of this to them.

If you're a tax accountant and know your customers want training in tax reduction, then offer this to them and related services.

Overall, get to know your customers and find out what they want.

Of course, using VIDEO as a way to market your business is IMPORTANT. And so the obvious lesson from YouTube is USE MORE VIDEO to market your business. But don't stop there. Look at your analytics and understand what video is most desired by your audience. Then GIVE THEM MORE of what they want.

You won't top 1 billion views a day of video, however, you can increase engagement, increase sales, increase your brand using video and overall - giving your customers more of what they want.

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