Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design and Helpful DIY Graphic Tools

[content field="callout1" format="true" class="calloutwide"] Most businesses understand the concept of web design but don’t fully understand the importance of it. Yes, it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and will help with navigation through your site, but did you also know that it can increase your entire web presence? From SEO and branding, to building...

google mobile algorithm

Mobile Friendly Websites Gain Useful Advantage With New Google Mobile Search

[content field="callout1" format="true" class="calloutwide"]Being encouraged to have a mobile-friendly website certainly isn’t a new thing, but on April 21 it will take a new form of urgency as Google adds mobile-friendliness to their search algorithm. The announcement came on February 26, 2015, when Google announced that its algorithms have to adapt to new internet usage...

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