Customer data privacy

4 Tips to Ensure Customer Data Privacy for Your Online Business

Online privacy is hard to come by these days, with companies using every opportunity possible to gather and use your private data. It is no surprise that customers are more concerned and cautious about their online privacy than ever before. If you run an online business, you need to create a customer data privacy policy....

Think Your SMB Is Too Small for Hackers to Target? It’s Not. Take These 4 Steps to Keep Your Business Safe

By Ron Pelletier, founder and chief customer officer, Pondurance. As the founder of Pondurance, I’ve sat across the table from CEOs and CIOs of many small and midsize businesses who really believe that cybersecurity doesn’t apply to them. They think their data is not valuable enough to steal. They think they’re simply not big enough...

update passwords

News: Only 35% of Employers Make Their Remote Workers Update Their Passwords Regularly

If you have employees working remotely, you should make sure that they change their passwords more frequently to keep business data safe. According to the Psychology of Passwords report from LastPass, only 35% of business owners make their remote employees change their passwords regularly. This simply means a whopping 65% of business owners don’t ensure...

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