Salesforce Essentials Launches Today - Easier to Implement Sales and Customer Services Tools for Small Business

Successful business is about 4 things. The products (or services you offer), the team that helps you executive them, the processes and systems you have in place to make it all happen and most importantly your ability to deliver exceptional customer service to your customers.

In order to make this happen, winning company implement CRM systems to be able to better manager the entire customer experience - from purchase, to support and follow up sales.

To help make this even easier for growing businesses, Salesforce, today, launched Salesforce Essentials.

The two products in this suite of solutions include Sales Cloud Essentials and Service Cloud Essential. In the demo I saw of this offering it looked easy to setup, including the ability to support customers through Twitter.

Three of the key components of Salesforce Essentials include the ability to minimize data entry, apps that connect to the Salesforce platform to extend its functionality and an intuitive help engine.

From the press release, with Essentials, small businesses can:

  • Get started fast and learn easily with Trailhead: 62% of small businesses say training would help them improve their operations, but they’re constrained by training costs and time. Trailhead, Salesforce’s interactive, online learning environment, is free and guides Essentials customers through a fast, fun and easy setup. In addition, Trailhead gives anyone, regardless of their education level or background, the opportunity to develop skills that span Salesforce products, app development and even business skills such as public speaking.


  • Work smarter with Einstein artificial intelligence built in: Essentials includes Einstein Activity Capture, which automates manual data entry to make sales and service reps more productive. When reps receive emails and calendar events, Einstein automatically adds messages to the appropriate record in Salesforce, freeing up the reps time to focus on engaging with customers. All of the captured messages provide a rich history of engagement with each customer, giving all team members context they can use to make the next customer interaction more personalized and productive.


  • Work faster with Lightning and the Salesforce Mobile App: Built on the Salesforce Lightning framework, Essentials has a consumer-like experience optimized for any device so customers can work the way they want, increasing productivity. Relevant information is surfaced in one unified console, modernizing processes and making workflows more intuitive. In addition, users can can easily customize their consoles by simply dragging and dropping components most relevant to them.


  • Scale as they grow with a complete platform: Small businesses often make technology buying decisions based on what they need now rather than what they will need in the future, costing them more time and money in the long run on upgrades and integrations. Because Essentials is built on the world’s #1 CRM platform, small businesses don’t have to worry about outgrowing their CRM—they can add more advanced capabilities quickly and easily. In addition, customers can use the Small Business Hub on the AppExchange, the world's leading enterprise cloud marketplace and ecosystem of business apps and solutions, to access apps that integrate with Essentials, extending the power of the Salesforce Platform.

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