Sales Follow Up. How Small Medical Spas Are Thriving.

You've got the hot lead, or several of them. They're really interested in your service. 2 weeks later, you look at your desk and realize their business card is still on your desk and you've not connected with them. Sales follow up is essential to driving more profit and revenue in your company. You see the potential client at the next local Chamber of Commerce meeting and they tell you they went with another company.

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Sales follow up is essential

This happens all the time and Bob Sullivan of Med Spa Marketing Solutions is tired of it.

I spent some time with Bob at Zoho Day and he said that in the medical spa industry calling back a customer within 5 seconds of their interest is essential. When thy click a link on your website and say they'd like information - you must respond back quickly.

Often times the problem is NOT that the person was not really interested, it's that you didn't get back to them in time - lack of sales follow up.

Marketing Automation

Using Zoho, Bob has an automatic system (marketing automation) to ensure his clients generate more sales.

Whether it's reminding you to call a client, or an automatic email to the client, or a no-ring voice mail, Med Spa Marketing has fine tuned the art of follow up.

Remember, for leads (potential customers) who need your service and have reached out - it's YOUR challenge to know educate them and move them further along the sales cycle.

Marketing and Sales Tools

See StartwithVideo and StartwithContent for two free resources about content marketing and video marketing

While tools like Zoho, Salesforce, Mailchimp, Keap and others are relatively easy to use, it's partners like Med Spa which can fine tune these platforms and make them industry specific.

Most marketing solutions are complicated. Most take some customization to use really well.

Business owners are wearing multiple hats and grinding to grow their businesses. They're busy.

By leveraging the power of marketing automation, the critical part of follow up in their companies can be done with minimal effort on their part.

So look at your company's sales process.

What are the drivers for growth? What is the funnel the lead goes through before they become a customer?

How can you automate this? How can you ensure you have no "leakage" in your sales process?

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