Neglect No More: Why Small Biz Needs Facebook Ads

Social media is no longer just an outlet to share updates about your day and connect with friends. In fact, social media is a major advertising venue for all sizes and types of businesses. Facebook, which is widely known amongst all age demographics and use to share both visual and text content, has created its own ad platform, complete with tools, analytics, metrics, and guidelines.

“The Facebook algorithm, the set of calculations Facebook uses to decide what content you see, has a lot of sway and influence. Long gone are the days of a chronological feed, today you get what you’re given.” -Brandwatch

If you’re not using Facebook to advertise your business, it’s time to consider it. Unsure what all the fuss is about? Here are a few reasons why social media advertising, and Facebook specifically, are worth diving into:

  • Tons of people spend tons of time on social media.
  • Facebook have served over 1 billion people.
  • Organic posts do not have a strong reach anymore.
  • It’s another platform to push your content to.
  • You can target your audience using several factors.

Paid vs. Organic Ads

Since Facebook shows both organic and paid ads, it has an algorithm—a procedure or formula for solving a problem—to try and serve up the best posts and ads to the most relevant people. This makes the platform attractive for advertisers. However, paid ads are much more targeted than organic posts. Just like with any kind of organic marketing, it’s good to do, but buying ads is the only way to get your message more reach and target the right people.

Facebook Ads for Small Businesses

Ime Archibong, VP of Product Partnerships at Facebook, was quoted saying, “Every day, people start and grow businesses which translates to real impact for their communities and local economies. That’s why we’re building time-saving tools to take the guesswork out of marketing and help them manage appointments, so they can focus on growth [...]”.

The Facebook Ads platform is friendly to use, and many business owners can have success doing it themselves or with an in-house marketing team. However, just like when working with Google Ads, having an expert on your side will produce even better results. If you’re going to put money and time into a paid ads campaign on social media, it’s highly recommended to work with an expert to ensure your budget is being used properly.

Creating a Brand on Facebook

Facebook is different from other ad platforms in several ways, but one major difference is that your ads can help build your brand. Having both a brand for your business as well as yourself creates an intimacy between you and your audience. Facebook is a community platform—there are many ways to engage and connect with people. When utilizing Facebook Ads, you are tying in your brand with your advertising, all within a community you can connect with. My new book, The Celebrity CEO, is all about building a niche community and making it your own.  By developing your brand, you can start to become an expert in your industry.


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