Google Helps NonProfits With Cash Grants and Does More To Get Businesses Found

Google's one of the most important marketing tools for small business owners. It's search and local listings are "must" have for many service providers and retail businesses. In a continued effort to support business owners, especially in reopening, Google's doing a few upgraded and new things.

Google's making it easier to advertise on its platform, to see your results and more.

Free Promoted Pins

Every month, over 1 billion people use Google Maps to see what’s around them, search for businesses, and find directions. Promoted pins on Google Maps help your business stand out during these moments by displaying a prominent, square-shaped Google Maps pin. You can also highlight specific services such as pickup and delivery, or other unique offerings.

As people begin to visit businesses in person again, we want to send more customers your way. Through September 2020, you won't be charged for any clicks, calls or sales from Promoted pins.

Grants for Non-Profits

Google is also announcing a $200 million increase to its annual Ad Grants commitment, to offer a total of $1 billion to better support nonprofits. This $1 billion helps nonprofits around the world that are tackling pressing issues like COVID-19 response and recovery, especially in developing economies, and fighting racial injustice.

Book Services via Search

As people spend more time at home, we’ve seen searches for local services, like “carpet cleaning” or “air conditioning repair” increase by 50 percent in recent months. We’re now making it easier to book these services directly in Google Search on mobile through Local Services Ads in the U.S. Local Services Ads help people discover and connect with trustworthy, local professionals backed by the Google Guarantee.

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