Good Presenters are Great Storytellers. Presentation Exec Shares His Tips

Ramon Ray sat down for a video chat with Lou Giacalone, COO of Beautiful.AI, to discuss the company’s newest tool. This tool will be of special interest to all of you out there who have struggled with creating visually strong presentations. It allows non graphic designers to create more eye-popping presentations without the time...

employee happiness

Thinking Outside the Box to Create Lasting Employee Happiness

You might assume that keeping employees happy would require more money or time off. And while both those things are certainly appreciated, employee happiness is a bit more complex. Employers are starting to recognize that keeping their employees happy and fulfilled at work means getting a little creative. “To make customers happy, we have...

Employee Engagement: Why It’s Important, and How to Create It

t’s no longer just on the shoulders of HR departments to ensure employee engagement and wellness — thankfully, many companies, both big and small, are understanding the importance of keeping employees happy. “Employee engagement and wellness are ultimately about protecting your human capital, your most important asset.” - Naz Beheshti Data Around Employee Engagement Employee engagement...

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