small business development center

America’s Small Business Development Center 2020 Virtual Conference

The year 2020 has shaken the entire world, including the small business world. Some businesses have closed doors forever, while many others have pivoted and adopted resilience. Not being alone as an entrepreneur has been one way to rise up and power punch any challenge. Nothing beats a phone call or a sitdown with...

security risks

Big Security Risk for Small Businesses Concerning Employee Social Media

A new Cyber Readiness Institute survey finds that small business owners say employee social media use is a security risk. More than one-in-five employees admit to skirting company cybersecurity policies on a weekly basis. More than 80% of companies allow employees to use personal devices for work, but 46% are not sure or have no...

Covid entrepreneurs

New Breed of COVID Entrepreneurs

The coronavirus turned the business world upside down, but surprisingly a power-group of COVID entrepreneurs immerged. Despite the unemployment rate and an ever-growing list of retailers declaring bankruptcy, one B2B company noticed a rise in customers. Azlo, a company for digital business banking, noticed an increase in new account openings in March and they decided to...

Tik tok and Reels business marketing

Instagram Reels vs TikTok: Marketing Overview [2021]

A moose cooling off with someone’s sprinklers. An ice bucket challenge. The latest trending dance moves. Or my personal favorite: cats versus an invisible wall. Watching videos online has become an everyday norm. A quick glance at our device turns into a two-hour expedition down an infamous rabbit hole.  From gen z to millennials to...

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