meaningful communities

Meaningful Communities: The Common Thread of Small Businesses That Thrive

Pick up any book for entrepreneurs and you’re bound to find a chapter on networking. It’s no secret networking is a vital force for small businesses, and it’s often handled with more gusto in the early years of business development. Referrals flow in, potholes are avoided thanks to key learnings from others, and we...

third place

A Key to Entrepreneurial Success: Finding Your Third Place

How important could a barbershop be? John Merrick rose from slavery to found the North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, one of the largest black-owned businesses in the United States. In the process, he helped to create a culture in early twentieth-century Durham so entrepreneurial that it became known as the “Black Wall Street.” Eight hundred...

event landing page

How to Drive Traffic to Your Event Landing Page

Your event landing page has 10 seconds to capture a visitor’s interest. That’s not a lot of time to spark an event-goer’s imagination and hold their attention. How do you strike a balance between eye catching design, strong messaging for why attendees should come, and the value they’ll get all on one event landing page? Ronnie...

smart hustle small business conference

People Want In on the Junk

Josh Cohen, founder, and CEO of Junkluggers took a “garbage” idea and turned it into a business that’s booming. Starting a business is challenging, and when it’s a niche business, those intricacies become even more complex. Josh faced this challenge head-on when he took the mainstream offering of hauling junk and made it environmentally...


Two Financing Options for Every Stage of Business

Money is always at a premium for small business owners. Between cash flow issues, new opportunities, repairs, or just starting out, there almost always seems to be an emergency or a reason to need more cash. Fortunately, there are options available at any stage of the business life cycle. Two Financing Options for Startups 1. Crowdfunding One...

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