$50,000 Grand Prize: Big Money for Small Business from Barclays

The challenging events of 2020 have disrupted the lives of countless small business owners, their employees, and their families. Yet, small businesses are resilient, and their stories of innovation and perseverance during these trying times can provide inspiration for others to keep going.


Barclays US Consumer Bank wants to inspire small businesses through its Small Business Big Wins promotion. To help business owners bounce back from the challenging events of 2020, Barclays is giving away a cash prize of $50,000 to one small business owner. Several additional cash prizes will be awarded as well!


Contestants in the Small Business Big Wins Contest simply need to share their story of how the events of 2020 have impacted their business and include a photo that best illustrates the submission.


Enter to win and read more details here by clicking this link.


“We know America needs small businesses, and small business owners need all the support they can get during this trying time,” said Ramon Ray, founder of Smart Hustle Media and small business advocate. “This contest offers small business owners some much-needed cash to help them get ready for a successful 2021, and we hope their stories will inspire other small business owners to keep going. That’s why I’m so excited to promote this contest.”

Small Business Big Wins is also supported by other leading small business influencers and advocates including:

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