DWEN: How Is Small Business Working for Women?

Ramon Ray got a chance to catch up with Erik Day, who heads up Dell’s Small Business Network. Erik had been at the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network in Singapore summit as well and noted the amazing relationships and networking he’s seen over the course of his time there. 

“Having a community of support to come together and build relationships and create authentic relationships helps everyone solve problems.”

The summit featured a lot of great topics, including technology, which can be a topic of intimidation to many people(understandably!). But, with technology and machine learning comes a lot of great data, and when used properly, data can push a business forward into success.

The Importance of Learning from Data

Erik brought to light a really good point that all small business owners and entrepreneurs should keep front of mind: learn from the data you collect. That is, make sure you invest in a really good CRM. As you collect data from prospects and clients, a good CRM tool will help you learn from it. What’s the point of storing information if you can’t have it work for you?

Cultural Issues

Another topic that came up over the course of the event was overcoming cultural issues such as access to funding (check out the WE Cities Index, the only global, gender-specific study that looks at a city's ability to foster the growth of women-owned businesses), access to talent, and what technology is available to help women in business be productive and successful.

Expanding DWEN

Erik explains that the goal for this network is to evolve into more consistent, relevant conversations throughout the year to help solve some of the problems mentioned above. Erik said that more and more women are starting businesses that will change the world. Needing businesses that help make the world a better place will be critical, and Erik sees a lot of that at DWEN

Erik and Ramon bonded over having their minds “blown” by all the smart minds around them at the summit, which speaks to the level of leadership and dedication these women entrepreneurs have.

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