3 Biggest Potholes on the Road to Small Business Success

The road to small business success is unpaved. You can expect bumps along the way, winding curves, and very few road signs to guide your direction. However, if you can avoid the major potholes then you just might make it out with a rewarding career that brings you both pride and profit.

No one understands this better than Brian Moran, a go-getter with 25 years’ experience in publishing who founded Brian Moran & Associates Small Business Edge, a company aimed at helping entrepreneurs run better businesses.

At the 2016 Smart Hustle Conference, Brian identified the most dangerous potholes to avoid on your quest for success in a talk titled 10 Big Mistakes Small Businesses Make and How to Prevent Them. Get a glimpse of his presentation below, and read on as we spotlight a few of our favorites.

3 Biggest Potholes on the Road to Small Business Success

1. Not Having a Plan

Entrepreneurs must go into new business ventures with a carefully thought out plan that includes three important elements:

  • A strategic goal
  • An operational plan
  • An execution strategy

2. Not Being on Social Media

These days ALL businesses must be on social media! If your customers want to reach out to you on channels like Facebook and Twitter, you have to be there for them (or they will find another business that is).

3. Not Spending Enough Time Away from the Business

It is admirable to put your heart and soul into growing your small business, but you have to strike some balance too. Regularly scheduled time away will allow you time to fuel your creativity and regain your sanity.

As Brian stated at the Smart Hustle Conference, “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” YOU are a survivor, Smart Hustler! Just steer clear of these potholes, and remember to enjoy the ride.

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