3 Digital Marketing Tools to Personalize Your Customer Engagement

Experienced marketers know that engaging customers is crucial to achieving marketing success.


In fact, in a recent marketing survey, 58% of marketers said that increasing customer engagement was their number one goal.


The problem, however, is that 44% of those same marketers also described increasing customer engagement as their number one challenge.


So, what can be done to tackle this challenge?


Well, fortunately, there are several digital marketing tools that can help get the job done.


Let’s take a look at what they are:


  1. Campaign Monitor


Campaign Monitor is a professional-grade email marketing tool that focuses on personalization and automation to engage customers on a 1:1 basis. Campaign Monitor comes “out of the box” with pre-built mobile ready email templates, integrations with third party business apps like Salesforce CRM and Shopify eCommerce along with award winning 24/7 customer support.


Companies like Virgin, Rip Curl and Birchbox use Campaign Monitor to create personalized customer experiences through automated customer journeys. These customer journeys are pre-designed email workflows where each email is sent based on how a subscriber interacts with the previous email. Combining customer journeys with dynamic content can be used to automatically send different content to each audience segment, which then determines which type of email individual subscribers receive in the future.


For example, when clothing brand Adidas launches special lines of clothing in partnership with artists like Pharrell and Rita Ora they use dynamic content to automatically send emails based on demographics such as age and gender. This way their male audience in a certain age range receive the new Pharrell product line while females in a certain age rage receive the new Rita Ora line. Customer journeys can then be used to send additional emails to individual subscribers based on which products they engage with in the email. If a customer clicks on the Pharrell jacket, they can be dynamically segmented into a customer journey that sends related product offer emails.



  1. Optimizely


Optimizely is a tool designed to help marketers continually improve the customer experience. As an experimentation platform, they enable users to A/B test different parts of their website to work towards delivering the best user experience possible.


Optimizely gives developers a simple way to experiment with changes on a website without going through a full development cycle. This could include the impact of new functionality, optimizations of the checkout process or performance upgrades without rolling the changes out across the entire site.


Even without developers on staff, marketers can create tests on the website with clicks, not code. With three team members, navigation company TomTom increased their product page conversion rate by over 16% using Optimizely.


Their hypothesis was that by offering a single click option they would remove some of the friction from their checkout process. The control version required the customer to choose the product and then click checkout. They created two variations with #1 showing a vertical layout and variation #2 showing a horizontal version.


In the world of digital marketing, it’s important to understand that there is no magic pill to increasing engagement. The only way to know for sure how to achieve optimal engagement rates is by testing different UX options. And that’s exactly what Optimizely allows you to do.


  1. Olark


Olark is a live chat software tool that makes it easy for you to engage with your customers while they’re visiting your website. As the conversion-boosting capabilities of live chat have become more well-known to businesses, easy-to-use tools like Olark have become incredibly popular.


Simply having a live chat feature on your website is the first step (albeit the most important). Olark has the ability to integrate with your other business software such as email, Salesforce CRM, Google Analytics and WordPress. These integrations are crucial to ensure the information you gather from live chat conversations don’t live in a silo by themselves, but rather can be used to further increase conversions.



As eCommerce marketing agency Whole Design Studios explains, “We analyzed the qualitative data in our live chat transcripts to create a vocabulary of customer words. We used this data to optimize our website and landing page copy and saw a 176.33% conversion rate increase.”


Save Time and Increase Engagement


With this suite of tools at your disposal, you have everything you need to start immediately improving your customer engagement rates.


Stop wasting time and start engaging with your customers in a way that ensures that they stick around for the long haul.


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