What Tory Burch Taught Me About Customer Experience

Recently I received a big brown box. I had no clue what was inside. The box was not like your typical "Amazon" box. It had two simple flaps, that made it a cut above your typical box. Inside was some high end paper, wrapping an absolutely beautiful, thick, paper, bag. Imagine a gift bag you'd give someone. This was a high end bag and clasped with Velcro. Inside this bag was another bag. A nicely designed cloth bag with draw strings. Inside this bag was a beautiful Tory Burch ladies hand bag. The final prize. Wow.

Tory Burch

From the moment I touched the box, to opening it, it was an experience I won't forget. Those of you who are fashion forward folks experience this often, but it's a newer experience for me.

However, we all know what an Apple produce looks like - the focus on design. What about a Tesla vehicle. Going into a swank hotel. How about the experience of a Virgin flight?

What's the point?

The experience you give to your customers matters - it's all about your company or your own personal brand. Or as I like to say being the Celebrity CEO.

Creating a memorable customer experience does not have to be expensive or fancy, but it has to be memorable and there's several ways to do it.

Maybe it's simply a warm handshake (or fist bump).

What about how you smile?

Maybe it's a signature color layout of your business cards.

Could it be how you start each of your online customer calls.

Think about how you show up to your customers.

Do they feel good about their experience.

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