Thriving During the Holidays: How 5 Entrepreneurs Embrace the Unique Seasonal Opportunity


Ali Krebs, Owner
POSH Mommy

Ali Krebs started making jewelry in 2007. By 2009, under the Posh Mommy brand, Ali's products were selling not only through her online site but also at over 4,000 jewelry stores worldwide. Ali knows a thing or two about sales and marketing strategy and uses that to her advantage when it comes to the holiday season.

IMG_2144“As a hand-made-to-order brand, we have to market early and strategically to execute a successful holiday season,” says Ali. "Part of that strategy is to focus on product placement and early order delivery – laying out deadlines for longer lead time items and offering [customer purchase] incentives for items that are easier to produce." By doing this, POSH Mommy attracts significant business before Thanksgiving, offers reasonable discounts for Black Friday and then focuses on products with shorter lead time through tight deadline management.

By anticipating what products their customers want and creating an incentivized plan based on production lead times and forecast sales, POSH Mommy can provide top-notch service and delivery to their customers.

Ali's advice to other small business entrepreneurs preparing for the holidays:

“For the holiday season, it's important to focus your strengths and abilities as a company and to over-deliver on your promises. Your reputation for delivery (as much as you can control it) is crucial, especially during a gift-giving season. Market what you can deliver and work to communicate those items as clearly as possible. It's easier to pad shipping by a day or two, delivering a product early or having margin for error or shipping delays, than to lose customers because you can't deliver or a crucial gift arrived late."

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