Three Super Cool Marketing Services You Never Heard Of

There's so many amazing marketing services available to help you grow your business. I'm not referring to email services from Mailchimp, or CRM services from Thryv, Keap or vCita. I'm not even talking about website building tools from Wix or Squarespace.

What I am referring to are three neat tools which help you get podcast visibility, produce great videos and get publicity in the media.

Christina Nicholson is a publicity ninja, she's launched a new company Podcast Clout which is a database of podcasts to help you find the one YOU might want to be on and easily pitch them. It starts at $474 for the first 6 months. Podcasts are a powerful way to get visibility for you and your brand. It's not a way to ADVERTISE your product or service. But a great way to connect with an audience, build credibility and get visibility for your brand, over time.

Vikram Rajan's service is VideoSocials.Net it's a video blogging service which helps you create great videos, on a regular basis. These videos you create are sharing knowledge or insights with others in a club. Not only does this give you a friendly audience to speak to, so you're not speaking to a camera all by yourself, but you also have a ready network of people who will share your video. VideoSocials, takes your video, edits it and helps you share it far and wide. VideoSocials starts at $99 a month.

Jess Todtfled is a publicity ninja and he's created Media Ambassadors to give your business publicity to national and local media. On a regular basis he sends out a currated email to his list of broadcast media producers. They're always looking for a great story or an expert to comment on a story. Seeing YOUR name listed as a media ambassador gives you visibility. Check out Media Ambassadors and apply for details.


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