The Secrets of Powerful Facebook Advertising for Small Business

The Secrets of Powerful Facebook Advertising for Small Business

If you aren’t on Facebook, then your business will fail.

This seems to be the modern philosophy of consumer growth. With more than one billion active users, Facebook holds millions of people who will potentially see your brand. Just by quickly scrolling down your newsfeed you can spot new pictures, videos and advertisements from companies that you’ve never heard of. Facebook also comes up on the first page of the search engines. People can search your business, go to your Facebook page and be redirected to your website.

The way businesses can use Facebook seems simple enough. You create a page, you post promotional content and people like your page so they’re notified if anything new happens to your company. Seems easy, right?

Unfortunately, it’s not. Facebook has made changes in the past year that make it tougher to get your content on people’s newsfeeds even if they like your page.

Facebook is still a great advertising platform that connects you with your consumers. As a small business owner, you need to understand these tips about Facebook advertising.

Create an Ad Set

Ad sets make sure that the right people are seeing your advertisements.

In an ad set, you can completely customize the demographic that you’re trying to reach by age, interests and categories. You can also set the budget that you’re willing to spend on ads within the desired ad set.

The great feature of ad sets is that they predict how many people will see your advertisement based on the content of the ad, the audience you are trying to reach and the budget that you are spending. This means that you can keep tweaking your ad, the audience and the amount of money spent until you reach an audience number that you are pleased with.

Ad sets let you specify your audience so you aren’t blindly showing your ads to the wrong people.

Use a Call-To-Action

A call-to-action is a button with a specific word or phrase that entices the consumer to click on it. An appropriate call-to-action can generate traffic from your advertisement. For example, a button that says “Download Now” on an advertisement for an e-book might produce more traffic than a button that simply says “Click Here.”

Facebook lets you use many call-to-actions that are specific to your advertisement. You should take advantage of this feature because it could tempt a potential consumer who might otherwise scroll right past your ad.

Use the Ad Manager

Facebook has a feature in its interface called Ad Manager. This is the place where you can keep track of your live ads and make sure that they’re producing results.

From here you can edit your advertisements, add more money to your budget or end a campaign if the results don’t justify it. You can also edit numerous ads within a campaign at once to increase results.

Facebook has also released an Ad Manager app so you can keep track of your advertisements from anywhere. This is a great feature that helps you quickly eliminate issues.

Use Visually Appealing Images

As a small business on Facebook, you need to go the extra mile to stand out. The newsfeed is a very crowded and competitive space. This is especially true in today’s mobile world of aimlessly scrolling through content before your brain can register what it is.

Visually appealing images will enhance your advertisements. Your ad must pop out at the user and make them stop to look at it. These images should be high quality, and the colors should stand out amongst Facebook’s blue and grey color scheme.

Stand Out From the Pack

Since you’re operating a small business, Facebook has plenty of competition in your niche. Make sure that your ads are creative and stand out from everyone else. Now get on Facebook and watch your business grow!

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