The Art of Self Promotion. Learning from Amy Klobuchar.

Self promotion is important and there's a lot we can learn from someone running for elected office in a tight race. By the time you read this Senator Amy Klobachur, who is running to be the Democratic nominee in this year's Presidential race could out of the race, higher in the polls or lower. However, as I write this, she's wining in some ways.


After her great performance (according to the pundits) in the last Democratic debate she got a surge of interest, donors and media attention and she's self promoting herself. It's working.

This drew larger crowds to her campaign stops in New Hampshire.

What did she do? She started telling her fans and community about it.

Lesson learned, YOU MUST learn the art of self promotion.

You have a community of people who follow you, your email list, social media and etc.

Be sure to engage your community and share with them what's going on in your world.

Maybe you do an Instagram story. Maybe you send an email newsletter about it. Maybe you do a Facebook live stream. The point is, you MUST self promote yourself and your brand. The more you get people interested in you, the more they will be interested and the momentum builds.

What should yo share? Be creative and always think of things you can share that would be of interest to your community and help them.

For example, today I'm going to the ASBDC Client Showcase - that's of interest to my community and I"ll share with them what I'm learning there. Yes, it's self promotion but it's also of interest to my community.

Self promotion is not arrogant or bad. It's good.

Senator Klobuchar's doing it....why not you?

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