Why Perfectly Posh Belives Customer Experience Is Everything. With An Assist from Tech

What comes to mind when you hear the name Perfectly Posh? If you said a pampering company, you’d be right! Join me as I talk with their COO, Jonée Woodard, about how Perfectly Posh is combining the power of experience with modern technology to create a self-love empire.

What Does Perfectly Posh Do?

“We allow men and women, who give of themselves all of the time, every day, an opportunity and an excuse to pamper themselves and take a minute of their day to give back to themselves” -Jonée Woodard

Perfectly Posh is all about helping the modern man or woman get back their sanity in a world that always seems to be moving. Naturally based and made in the USA, Perfectly Posh is a turnkey supply chain that provides all natural pampering products both through their website and to influencers that they partner with.

Their products are all about the power of experience. “Everything has to take you away,” says Jonée, “the minute you open the bottle. We want you to put that hand cream on, open your hands, and let it take you away.”

What Is The Power Of Experience?

The power of experience is something nobody really talks about but everyone should be practicing, whether you’re a beauty supply chain or a criminal lawyer. Providing positive experiences in your business is what sets you apart from the crowd and helps create repeat customers.

Placing such a strong emphasis on customer experience is what has set Perfectly Posh apart from other beauty supply chains. Although technically they sell beauty products, that’s not what they give their customers. Instead, they’re gifting their customers with the experience of being whisked away from the stress of everyday life.

How Does Perfectly Posh Encourage Small Businesses?

“We tell each of our influencers that it’s really, really critical that they build their own brand and that the brand is all about you.” -Jonée Woodard

As a turnkey supply chain, Perfectly Posh partners with influencers who use or sell Perfectly Posh products to their own customers. In order for those influencers to be successful, Perfectly Posh provides them with some sound advice, including:

  • Your brand needs to be about you
  • Your business needs to be your passion
  • To connect with people, you need to be honest about who you are and what you do

“Know what you do well, know what you’re passionate about, and then go for that in an unrepentant manner” -Jonée Woodard

Providing a Pampering Experience Through Tech

Although business is booming now, things haven’t always been going so well. When Jonée first joined Perfectly Posh, they didn’t have a cohesive system and everything was in shambles.

“I came in and it was a horrible customer experience. They were ten days behind in shipping, they didn’t know what they had in inventory, they weren’t sure what they had ordered... So very, very quickly I came in, we implemented NetSuite, and that forced a sense of discipline all the way through the organization.” -Jonée Woodard

Using NetSuite, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that automates processes and combines everything onto a single platform, they were able to get their daily tasks under control and then work on scaling their business.

One of the key benefits of NetSuite for Perfectly Posh was that it scaled with them, allowing them the flexibility to integrate it with their growing business needs. Using NetSuite, they were able to plug in their own third-party fulfillment facilities and get their products closer to their customers more quickly, permanently changing the way they did business.

The Takeaway

  • Businesses should focus on providing the customer with a positive experience when using their services
  • People can sense when someone isn’t being genuine--be yourself when doing business and only focus on products and services that you are truly passionate about
  • ERP software provides businesses with a way to grow while managing and streamlining their internal systems

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