Virtual Receptionist Service Connects Voice Calls to Text Messaging with Numa

Know those times when the phone rings and you just can't get to it? That happens a lot with retail owners like barber shops, salons, auto mechanics, bakeries and many others. Numa a virtual receptionist text messaging service is pretty cool, looks like a new service, that helps answer common questions for your customers via text.

A customer calls your phone, and you can't answer it. Numa "jumps in" and gives customers the option to get help via text. If they say "yes", Numa uses machine learning to answer some common questions, like your open hours, location and etc.

As you respond to customer questions, Numa's AI will learn answers and patterns and prompt you to enable more automatic responses.

With Numa you can also set answers to common questions to keep Numa consistent with your brand voice.

Numa starts at $50 per month.

As business owners are looking for every EDGE to help them save time, increase productivity and better serve customers, it's powerful (and simple) tools like Numa that can help.

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