Mastercard Offers More To Its Business Customers, Including QuickBooks Offering

The credit card business is competitive and brands are fighting to offer as much as they can to their small businesses customers. Credit card companies want to be more than transactional relationships but a part of the growth of their customers' journey.

Announced today Mastercard is partnering with Intuit to offer 50% off to it's customers who want to use Intuit QuickBooks.

These new offerings also included cell phone loss insurance, ID theft protection to monitor personal and business information, and more.

“Mastercard is developing solutions that leverage advanced technologies, partnerships and industry alliances to provide small business owners with the resources they need and the seamless experience they deserve. At the end of the day we realize that they’ve got a business to run and we’ve got the solutions that can help them do that today, as well as get ahead of their needs tomorrow,” said Amnah Ajmal, EVP, Core Products, Mastercard.

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