Mailchimp Exec Shares Her 5 Best Secrets for Marketing Success

Darcy Kurtz, MailchimpMailchimp is one of the leading brands enabling businesses to get more customers and keep the ones they have. Mailchimp is best known as an email marketing company, but it now does so much more, including websites, marketing automation, CRM, advertising and more.

Darcy Kurtz, VP of Product Marketing at Mailchimp shared with Ramon Ray the things that businesses need to do to improve their marketing. She also shared what Mailchimp is doing to differentiate itself and continue to lead marketing, beyond just email marketing, for growing businesses.

Listen to our full interview below or keep reading for Darcy's insights.

Collect customer data

You MUST start to collect data on your customers and use it to segment your customers and send them targeted communications, specific to their needs. Darcy said the one regret many businesses have is that they didn't start marketing soon enough.


Re-targeting is a powerful way to increase sales and engagement. When someone sees an advertisement (or overall message) once, it's not enough. People often need to see a message several times before they take action.

Even though Mailchimp's pedigree is email marketing, Darcy said it's not enough. You need to post on social media, have a website and landing pages, have a domain name and do advertising.

Multi-channel marketing

Multi-channel campaigns are what makes the difference in marketing. Even sending post cards, yep regular mail, can make a difference, Darcy said.

Ramon asked Darcy about "point solutions" that provide one aspect of marketing versus a solution that provides many elements of marketing. For example, some solutions provide only a social media posting solution but not a website solution. Darcy said it's best if you can integrate your marketing together so that you don't have silos of data. As much information about the customer that you can have in one place, the better it is.

Even if you're using a "point solution", many of these solutions, including Mailchimp, integrate well with other solutions. They integrate directly or using services like Zapier you can stitch together several marketing services.


Having silos of data will not give you a complete picture of your customer and not enable you to serve the customer what they want or need.

Some quick tips from Darcy also include:

  1. If you want your brand to mean something, to be synonymous with a product or service or solution you have to START marketing.
  2. Don't wait until everything is perfect. You've got to take some risks.
  3. Approach everything through your customers eyes.
  4. Generic marketing messages don't work. Be as relevant to subsets of your customers as you can.
  5. You don't have to be a content specialists, be a story teller.

Listen to the full interview with Darcy and Ramon below.

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